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Art built on passion

Art built on passion

I always loved to draw as far back as I can remember. From the age of around 9 my parents would take me on long walks in the countryside with a walking club and it was here on these walks that I began to notice wildlife and particularly birds.

When I was around 12 we went on a family holiday to the Lake District. Here, next to where we were staying, was a field full of strange large birds. With down-curved bills and haunting, lonely calls given in flight as they came and went from the field in which they were nesting, I was hooked. These were Curlews and my lifelong passion was born.

Very soon after I became interested, I began to draw the birds I was seeing. Encouraged by my mother at first with no real plan or reason other than to create a few pictures that she could hang on the wall. It very soon dawned on me that as I drew the information I saw, I learned and I began to keep sketch books, which I still do to this day over 100 volumes on.

My drawing became paintings and over the years my interest and inspiration has grown and wildlife features in almost all my work.

I grew up on the edge of Wolverhampton with the countryside of Staffordshire literally at the end of our road. Here I found Tree Sparrows & Restarts, Little Owls & Green Woodpeckers within walking distance of home. I would birdwatch on my way home from school as I detoured & walked across the fields. Most of the birds may now be long gone but the inspiration they gave me lives on.

In 1990 I moved away from the Midlands, to live & work in Norfolk with all it’s glorious wildlife. Here I find endless subjects to paint. I work in two mediums. Pencil & wash for my note books & my watercolour studies and, Acrylics painted onto Canvas for my bigger pieces, which often tend to be landscapes or habitat studies with wildlife in them.

These days I draw and paint not only birds but all manner of wildlife for I am now a naturalist and birder rather than the Twitcher I was in my youth. I love to try capture not only the essence of the creature I am painting and how it fits in and lives in its surroundings, but also the light on the subject. The sparkle of sunlight on water, mist in the rainforest, long evening shadows, indeed what makes our world a wonderful place to live.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed painting it.

Current Exhibition
I currently have a solo exhibition of my latest paintings on display until 17th January 2023 at the Cley Marshes Norfolk Wildlife Trust visitor centre, Cley-next-the-Sea, Norfolk, in the Dick Baggnel-Oakley room.