I have a range of illustrated talks that I can give to your group. My talks last between 1 and 2 hours and can be tailored to suit what your group requires. Within each talk I use a wide variety of photographs that I have taken both in the UK and while travelling abroad. You will see here my range of talks. Please Contact Me for information & charges.

“The Art of Birds”

I have drawn and painted birds most of my life. Here my talk takes a look at how I go about creating my drawings and paintings including my field sketches. It looks at some of the birds and places that inspire me and how I then use these in my finished paintings.

“A world of Raptors”

A detailed look at this fascinating family of birds, the favourites of many people. It looks at their ecology and biology, hunting methods and migration, adaptions to their chosen environments and how they use flight itself plus more.

“A year in the life of Norfolk’s wildlife”

A journey through the seasons looking at wild Norfolk and the way the seasons effect our flora and fauna. It looks not only at birds but also Mammals, Reptiles, Plants, Butterflies, Bees and other insects.

“Wild Ethiopia”

A look at the fantastic wildlife and habitats of this huge amazing country that is home to many rare and unusual creatures such as the Simien Wolf and Stressman’s Bush Crow, many of which are not only fascinating but critically endangered.

“Birding Trinidad & Tobago”

A birding travel log of this vibrant and colourful birding hotspot. Set a few miles of the coast of Northern Venezuela these sands play host to many South American bird species such as not only the rare Tufted Coquette Hummingbird & the strange Lipkin, but also to a good many long distance North American Migrants.

“Birds of the Mediterranean”

Travelling west to east we take a look at the amazing bird and some other wildlife of the region. From the Straits of Gibraltar and the Coto Donana to Lesvos, Turkey and Cyprus the Med plays witness to the passage of millions of migrants as they undertake their annual migrations as well as being home to creatures that spend their entire lives in this wonderful area.

“Secret Lives – A glimpse into the world of Nightjars”

A look at the nocturnal world of the Nightjars and their close relatives. We look at Potoos, Frogmouths and Nightjars, their biology & ecology. 

Himalayan Griffon – adult from ” A World of Raptors”